How To Hire A Best Virtual Magician For A Christmas Party?

How To Hire A Best Virtual Magician For A Christmas Party?

It’s November already, and Christmas is right around the corner. In the UK and probably all over the world, the magician becomes super busy at the time of Christmas. And this starts from November and runs till January. This year especially, many companies are feeling the pressure of organizing the 2021 Christmas party and trying to make the party entertaining and remarkable. Some big and small companies have returned to their offices this year, and this will be their first read gathering after the pandemic. However, some other companies are still working from home, so they have decided to celebrate this year’s Christmas virtually.

Mainly during the Christmas party, everyone, whether your colleagues, employees, friends or families, wants to have fun, celebrate and relax together. If you are conducting a Christmas party for your staff and near dear ones and looking for something more interactive and engaging, something that is amazing, hilarious, bang up-to-date but at the same time family-friendly. Then you might like virtual magic shows for the Christmas party. If you don’t know what a virtual magic party is and how to hire virtual magicians for a Christmas party? Then, you have opened the right article. You will get all your answers in this article. It’s just that you have to read the complete article to know the latter.

What Is A Virtual Magic Christmas Party?

What is a Virtual Magic Christmas party

This Christmas, a virtual magic show will be an incredible option for your friends, family, and colleagues. These fantastic and interactive online magic shows will be best for this year’s exciting zoom Christmas party. The virtual magic show can continue for up to 30 minutes or 45 minutes as per your requirements. In the virtual magic show Christmas party, the guests can get their minds to read and see some other unique, mind-blowing magic. The positive part is you can enjoy all this at the comfort of your house because it is performed live and virtually, through video calling apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Team’s, Skype, or WebEx. You will receive a completely new and unique experience from the world’s top virtual magicians.

How To Hire a Best Virtual Magician?

how to hire a best virtual magician

To hire a virtual magician, the first step will be to decide on a venue and timing for the party. Then contact a virtual magician. There is Alan Hudson, UK’s famous virtual magician, and he is also a member of the inner magic circle with a gold star, London. There are less than 250 members in the inner magic circle all over the world.

You can contact Alan or can also visit his website-

To gain some ideas about his work.

The price of the Christmas party depends on the date and the type of entertainment you want. Plus, the total length of the show will also affect the cost. For this, the total number of guests will determine how long the show will be. For example- for around 100 guests, the magicians will perform for about 2 hours. Now that you know, what is a virtual magic show? And how can you book a virtual magician for Christmas parties? Hire one this Christmas, and make the 2021 Christmas party memorable after the two years of…….well! You know what I am talking about.

Jason Barkos