How to earn money online as a Blogger

How to earn money online as a Blogger

                                                 Have you heard about making money through blogging and you don’t have an idea how to make money has an online blogger. Have you started a blog for earning money if you don’t have an idea for earning money using the blog you can get the tips here. You should start a blog on your favourite topic and upload the blogs in the periodic time. Whether it may be a hobby blog or a business blog you can earn from it if you are on the right path. You can’t earn at the starting stage of the blog you should do some SEO for your blog to rank in the Search Engine Results Page. You need to know how to earn blogging in UK. You can earn by blogging in UK by ranking your blog on the first page of search engine. The real truth is you can’t make money easily as you think. You need to work for months to earn money from that. 

As a blogger, you can earn by two methods.  

  • Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click.
  • Cost Per Impressions.

If you rank your blog in the SERP, then advertisers will directly contact you for placing their advertisement on your blogs, and you can charge for it.  The cost you charge from them will be depending upon you. You can charge for a lifetime advertisement or can charge for it by links or banner ads. Cost Per Click is the advertisement which is placed in the content or on the sidebar. If a reader clicks on the ad, you will get paid for that. Cost Per Impressions is based on how many users visit the advertisement. If you’re a beginner on the blog, you can get experts advice and start your blog.  

Bloggers will have direct contact with the advertisers and will make approve or disapprove advertisers based on what advertisements they want to promote.  As a blogger, you can earn money using a blog as an excellent platform. Some of the bloggers do this selectively as it reflects badly on their page as they are promoting ads. The blog also needs money to run it as you need to pay for your domain, hosting. You should put efforts and more time to earn from a blog. Blogging is not easy bloggers spent more time in it they need to get money for advertisements.  




Jason Barkos